AP Government Class Syllabus

Updated 7/17/07

*Please note that chapters as well as projects are subject to change based on time.

Chapter 1: Government and the State

Chapter 2: Our Political Beginnings

Chapter 3: The Constitution

            (Constitution Project)

Chapter 4: Federalism

Chapter 5: Political Parties

(Political Party Project)

Chapter 6: The Right to Vote

Chapter 7: Electoral Process

Chapter 8: Media and Politics

(Media and Politics Report)

Chapter 9: Interests Groups

Chapters 10: Congress

Chapter 11: Powers of Congress

Chapter 12: Congress in Action

Chapter 13: The Presidency

Chapter 14: The Presidency in Action

Chapter 15: Government at work

Chapter 16: Financing Government

Chapter 17: Foreign Policy and National Defense

Chapter 18:  The Federal Court System

Chapter 19: Civil Liberties

Chapter 20: Protecting Individual Rights

Chapter 21: Civil Rights

Chapter 22: Comparative Political Systems

            (Group project)

Chapter 23: Comparative Economic Systems

Chapters 24&25: State and Local Governments

            (Group project)

Advanced Placement Exam

Final Exam: Includes all chapters that were covered this year


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