Drawing/Painting Syllabus

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            Hello my name is Mr. Landinguin, and I am happy to be your Drawing/Painting instructor this year. This course covers the basic concepts of the visual arts, including the elements of design and composition. Emphasis is on acquiring skills and techniques necessary in various media (including pencil, pen and ink, conte crayon, colored pencils, watercolor, tempra, and acrylics) in order to develop her own unique style. A survey of art history and the development of an aesthetic awareness is also included. Weekly sketchbooks and research assignments augment projects which are designed to allow maximum individual growth and expression.  Your grade will be based on weekly projects, sketchbook, class participation, research projects, tests, and your portfolio.  Your final will be based on all terms and concepts learned this year as well as your digital portfolio.



a). Drawing pencils and sharpener

b). Charcoal pencils and eraser

c). Sketchbook

d). Apron, smock, old shirt

e). Ruler

Optional supplies:

a). Pastels

b). Paintbrushes

c). Watercolors

d). Plastic palette

e). Pencil holder



You will be creating two portfolios as part of this course.

Grading: Assignments will be graded by the following criteria:




Drawing/Painting Class Syllabus


*Please note that all projects and other assignments are subject to change based on time.

Fall Semester:

·         Introduction to basic art concepts.

·         Introduction to basic art techniques.

·         Basic art design

·         Still life using pencil and charcoal

·         Linear perspective

·         Study of the human head

·         Study of the human body

·         Using inks to demonstrate shading and other basic techniques

·         Introduction to color concepts

·         Using pastels to show color concepts .

·         Introduction to basic cartooning

·         Using inks and colors to demonstrate cartooning

·         Research project focusing on a modern artist of the 20th or 21st century

·         Portfolio and sketchbook will be submitted for grading


Spring Semester:

·         Basic techniques with brushes and paints

·         Still life using paints

·         Introduction to watercolors.

·         Study of landscapes and seascapes

·         Flower study and using a combination of watercolors and inks

·         Life painting using tempra paints

·         Basics of Acrylic painting

·         The use of brushstroke and texture in painting

·         Research project focusing on a Renaissance artist

·         Multicultural art, focusing on color and design

·         Paper mache and mask making

·         Combining Photos with ink and paint

·         Final portfolios are due

·         Final exam based on concepts learned this year


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