Bridge Project

Project Description (150 points)

Teams: 1-3 people per team


Purpose of project: To demonstrate how science, math, and good design are necessary for structures to be strong and reliable. Bridges must follow the following guidelines:

  1. 200 toothpicks or less
  2. must not coat bridge with glue
  3. must be at least 2.5 feet long (roughly 1.5-2ft of bridge must be span)
  4. Must demonstrate good design
  5. Must demonstrate good geometric figures (such as arches, triangles, hexigons, cylinders, etc)
  6. Must not be more than 1/4 inch in thickness
  7. May use sugar cubes as part of its base (optional)


Duedates: Bridge demonstration Friday 4/6

Blueprints and Written portion 4/9


Grade Breakdown:

Construction 50 points. Points are given for how well your bridge is constructed following the guidelines. Points will be deducted if teams exceed the 200 toothpick limit, and if teams exceed the glue limit.

Decoration and Originality 20 points. Points will be given based on how well your bridge is decorated and its original design.

Geometric shapes 20 points. 20points will be given to bridges that demonstrate good use of geometric shapes in their construction.

Weight requirement 20points. All bridges must be able to support at least 2 pounds. In order to receive the complete 20 points, your bridge must be able to support more than 10 pounds. Bridges that can support 15 pounds or more qualify for bonus points.

Blueprints 20points. Blueprints with measurements of top/side views.

Written portion 20pts. Teams need to write 1-5 page paper on how science and math is used to design and build safe and effective bridges. At least 2 pictures of bridges and a bibliography are required as part of the written portion.

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