Catapult Project

Project Description (150 points)



Purpose of project: To demonstrate how science (force) has been used in history to build inventions that are useful to humans.

Duedates: Catapult demonstration 11/20

Blueprints and Written portion 11/21


Grade Breakdown:

Construction 50 points. Points are given for how well the catapult is constructed as well as its ability to function without falling apart or being a danger to others.Points will be deducted if the catapult falls apart after the first launch, is not completely dried, or is completed prior to launch. No store bought or kit catapults will be allowed. Catapults may not exceed one meter by one meter by one meter.

Decoration 20 points. Points will be given based on how well you catapult is decorated.

Distance 20 points. 14 points will be given to catapults that can launch an object 10 ft. 16 points will be given to catapults that launch an object up to 19 feet. 20 points will be given to catapults that ar able to launch an object up to 30 ft. Any catapults that safely launch an object over 30feet will be granted a bonus.

Trigger mechanism 20points. All catapults must have some sort of trigger mechanism. Using your finger to bend back the arm will not be acceptable.

Blueprints 20points. Blueprints with measurements of top/side views. All aspects of the catapult must be labeled and measured to receive the full 20 points.

Written portion 20pts. Teams need to write 1-5 pages on how catapults demonstrate science and forces are demonstrated with a catapult. A bibliography of at least one source needs to be included. At least three pictures need to be included as part of your written portion.

Sample Catapults

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