Science Lab

Classroom Rules (Grades 4-8)

  1. Practice courtesy and respect when speaking to others, especially your teacher.
  2. When you enter the class, be prepared to start immediately, and come to class prepared. This includes always bringing your textbook, a notebook, your homework and a pen to write with.
  3. Respect the property of others; this includes the property of the school.
  4. When Mr. Landinguin is speaking you are to remain quiet until he calls on you (If you have a question you must have your hand up).
  5. There is no eating or drinking in class or in line (this includes gum or candy).
  6. Keep your hands to yourself at all times.
  7. Quiet time is quiet working time, nothing else should be happening at this time.
  8. No throwing of objects is allowed inside or outside of class (this includes throwing objects into the trash can).
  9. You may not go to the restroom without permission.
  10. You are responsible for keeping your area and classroom clean and safe.


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