Art Design Syllabus

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            Hello my name is Mr. Landinguin, and I am happy to be your Art design instructor this year. This course covers the basic concepts of the three-dimensional art form, including the elements and principles of design and composition. Emphasis is on acquiring skills and techniques necessary in various media, including paper mache, assemblage, and sculpture. The students will become acquainted with the three-dimensional art form in its historical context and will develop an aesthetic awareness. Weekly sketchbooks and research assignments augment projects, which are designed to allow maximum individual growth and expression.  Your grade will be based on weekly projects, sketchbook, class participation, research projects, tests, and your portfolio.  Your final will be based on all terms and concepts learned this year as well as your digital portfolio.



a). Drawing pencils and sharpener

c). Sketchbook

d). Apron, smock, old shirt

e). Ruler

f). Barbie, action figure or fashion model figure (spring semester)

Optional supplies:

a). sculpting tools

b). Paintbrushes

c). Acrylic paints

d). Plastic palette

e). Super Sculpey, Sculpey, FIMO, or other polymer clays

f). Exacto blade




You will be creating a portfolio as part of this course.

Grading: Assignments will be graded by the following criteria:







Art Design Class Syllabus


*Please note that all projects and other assignments are subject to change based on time.

Fall Semester:

·         Introduction to basic art design. .

·         Basic graphic design

·         Combining colors, letters, textures to create design

·         Study of three dimensional design

·         Forced perspective and design

·         Basics of drafting as part of design

·         Model building using concepts being used

·         Using foam and other media to create realistic effects

·         Sculpture using common objects

·         Paper mache concepts

·         Mold making and the use of plaster

·         The use of tile to create stamping techniques

·         Research project of modern architects or designers

·         First portion of digital portfolio should be completed


Spring Semester:

·         Using stuffed animals to create transgenic animals (sewing required)

·         Basics of sculpture using clay

·         Basic clay techniques.

·         Using wire to create frameworks for sculpture

·         Using wire and clay to create human body sculptures

·         Basic polymer clay techniques

·         Human head study using polymer clay

·         Creating a custom figure using polymer clay and a Barbie/action figure

·         Research project of famous sculptors from the Renaissance

·         Using fabric and other textiles to create clothing from patterns

·         Final portfolios are due

·         Final exam based on concepts learned this year


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