LASA Education Math Links, Grades K-12

Activity Pattern Blocks
great activity for patterns and shapes that are covered in 2nd grade.
Anoka-Hennepin K-2 Math Page
At Hand
Baseball Math
By Grade
Elementary School Math
Esther's bookmarks
Explorer: Creepin' Critter Math
Explorer: M & M's Chocolate Counting Book
Forum Internet Math Search
A collection of web sites that offer sites in math for lessons and all kinds of resources for teacher and students.
go2net | MetaCrawler | search
Good source for searching by subject. Gives good sites for math.
Math Forum - Suzanne Alejandre: Tessellations
Math Forum: Calculation Tips & Tricks
Math Forum: Grade K-2 Teachers: Activities/Projects
Mathematics Archives - Topics in Mathematics - Arithmetic
NC Computer Skills Curriculum
A wide variety of resources are given to help teachers out on lessons and how to develop skills in different mathematical areas.
This is a good activity for students to do as part of a lesson. I like this!
SMILE Program home page
This has a variety of lesson for the teacher to look at and use in the classroom. Great resource for using the internet.
The Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math
This is a great site for fun question and answers that kids have about numbers and related mathematical problems.
Word Problems For Kids
This program gives a variety of activities for 5th grade and up. Good for developing word problems skills that are much needed.
Elementary School Learning Units Page
Along with the SMILE program this section gives a wide variety of lesson plans for 4 different subject areas in math.
The Math Forum Home Page
The forum offers a wide range of math selections that cover lessons plans, teacher ideas, questions and answers along with other activities that range from K-12. Good web site for math teachers.
offers a great deal of lessons , projects, information and all kinds of areas of math from k-12. Like most of these programs there are more activities for upper grades starting with 4th grade and up. Many of these web sites are linked together and are related .

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