Science Lab (Grades 4-8)

Lab Safety Rules

  1. Immediately report all accidents or dangerous behavior to Mr. Landinguin.
  2. Tie back long hair, and tie back clothing that may become in contact with chemicals or flame.
  3. Read all directions for an experiment several times before attempting experiment. Follow the directions EXACTLY as they are written. If in doubt ask Mr. Landinguin.
  4. NEVER perform activities that are not authorized or part of an experiment. This especially true using scalpels or other sharp objects, or flame. Always ask permission before "experimenting" on your own.
  5. NEVER handle equipment unless authorized to do so. Most accidents occur in a science lab to students that touch things they are not supposed to touch.
  6. Take care not to spill any substances in the lab. If a spill occurs, Please notify the teacher.
  7. NEVER eat in the lab, and make sure to WASH HANDS after experiments that require chemicals of any kind.
  8. NEVER use a heat source, certain chemicals, or sharp obects without safety goggles. This is especially true for students that wear contacts.
  9. NEVER heat a chemical unless you are instructed to do so.
  10. NEVER reach across a flame or heat source.
  11. When heating a test tube or bottle, always point it away from you and others.
  12. NEVER heat a liquid in a closed container.
  13. Use a tong or other safety equipment to handle hot lab equipment.
  14. NEVER mix chemicals just for the fun of it.
  15. NEVER touch or taste chemicals unless instructed to do so.
  16. Handle scalpels or other sharp objects with extreme care. NEVER cut towards you or in your hand.
  17. After an experiment, clean up your work area and return all equipment to its proper place


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Note: Any students that cannot follow Lab safety rules will be banned from the next Lab. Further Lab safety violations will result in not being allowed to participate in any labs.

Note: All safety rules are based on the recommended safety rules of your textbook as well as NSTA recommended safety rules, and 11 years of lab instruction.

Note: Most accidents that occur in Science Labs occur to people that donít follow lab safety rules.

Note: The Surgeon General recommends studying for Science every day.

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