Science 6th Grade: Life Science

2001-2002 Year Syllabus

(Tentative as of 8/2003)

*Please note that chapters as well as projects and labs are subject to change based on time. Only major labs and activities are listed.

Fall Schedule:

Chapters 1&2: Scientific Method

 Chapter 3: Rocks and the Rock Cycle

Chapters 12&13: History of the Earth

(Dinosaur Project)

(Rock Timeline Project)

Chapter 16: Climate

(Biosphere Project)

Chapter 9: Plate Tectonics and Crust Movement

(Pangea Project)

Chapters 10&11: Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Spring Schedule:

Chapter 7: Erosion

Chapter 14: Atmosphere

Chapter 15: Weather

(Weather labs)

(Weather Forecast Video project)

Spring Science Fair (Tentative)

Chapter 18: Earth and the Moon

Chapter 19: The Solar System

(*Bottle Rocket lab)

Chapter 20: The Universe


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