Science 7th Grade: Life Science

2001-2002 Year Syllabus

(Tentative as of 8/2003)

*Please note that chapters as well as projects and labs are subject to change based on time. Only major labs and activities are listed.

Fall Schedule:

Chapter 1: Scientific Method

Chapter 2: Qualities of Living Things

(Planarian Lab)

Chapter 3: Cell Processes

(Chicken Wing Dissection)

Chapter 4: Cell Reproduction

Chapter 5: Plant Reproduction

                        (Plant Labs)

Chapter 6: Heredity

(Heredity Project)

(Genetics Project : Transgenic Organisms)

(DNA Chain)

Chapter 8: Classification of Living Things

(Classification Project)

Spring Schedule:

Chapters 9-13: Kingdom Projects (You will be assigned to a kingdom and will give a 10-20 min. presentation on your kingdom. Group Project) This may be substituted by a science fair project.

Chapter 16: Skeletal and Muscular Systems

Chapter 17: Digestive System

Chapter 18: Circulatory System

(Sheep Heart Dissection) will need a consent form for this lab

(A,B,AB,O) Blood typing Lab) will need a consent form for this lab

(Blood Pressure Lab)

Chapter 19: Respiratory System

(Lung Capacity Lab)

*Spring Science Fair Project (Tentative)

Chapter 20: Nervous and Endocrine Systems

(Sheep Eye Dissection) will need a consent form for this lab

(Blind Labs)

(Taste Lab)

(Smell Lab)

Chapter 21: Reproduction System (consent form required)

(Miracle of Life Video) will need consent form for this video

Chapter 22: Nutrition and Drugs/Alcohol

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