Science 8th Grade: Life Science

2001-2002 Year Syllabus

(Tentative as of 8/2003)

*Please note that chapters as well as projects and labs are subject to change based on time. Only major labs and activities are listed.

Fall Schedule:

Chapter 1: Scientific Method

Chapter 11: Motion and Energy

Chapter 12: Forces and Motion

(Hot Wheel Physics Labs)

(GI Joe Bungee Jumping Lab)

(Newton's Laws of Motion Lab)

(Catapult Project)

Chapter 13: Work, Machines and Energy

(Simple Machines Labs)

(Simple Machine Project)

Chapters 2 & 4: Properties of Matter

Chapter 5: Atoms, Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures

(Atom labs)

(Element Song Project)

Chapter 6: Periodic Table

(Periodic Table Project)


Spring Schedule:

Chapter 12: Electricity

(Static Electricity Lab)

(Circuits Labs)

(Electroplating Lab)

Chapter 15: Light and the Uses of Light

(Light Labs)

*Spring Final Project: Robotics project due in mid April

*Spring Special Unit : Aerodynamics and Model Rocketry

Chapters 8&9: Chemical Reactions and Solutions (if time permits

                                                (mixture/solution project: cooking)

Chapter 7: Chemical Reactions and Solutions

(Chemical Reaction Labs)

(Mixture/Solution Project: Cooking)

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