World Bodies of Water Cheatsheet

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Section A: Largest Bodies of Water in the World (Arranged by Country/Continent)

Longest Rivers:
1.Nile: Africa 4125mi.
2.Amazon: South America 4080mi.
3. Mississippi-Missouri 3740mi.
4. Chang: China 3722mi.
5. Yenisei: Russia/China 3650mi.

Longest River: Mackenzie 2635mi.
Largest Lake: Great Bear 12,096 sq.mi. Lake Superior 32,526 sq. mi.
Seas: Labrador, Beaufort,

United States:
Longest River: Mississippi-Missouri 3740mi
Largest Lake: Michigan 22,300, Superior 32,526mi.
Seas: Salton

Mexico/Central America:
Longest River: Rio Bravo/Grande 1886mi.
Largest Lake: Nicaragua 3100 sq mi.
Seas: Carribean

South America:
Longest River: Amazon 4080mi.
Largest Lake: Maracibo 5120 sq. mi

North Europe:
Longest River: Glama, Norway 379 mi.
Largest Lake: Vanern, Sweeden 2081 sq. mi.
Seas: Baltic, Norwegian,Irish, North

East, West, South Europe:
Longest River: Danube 1770 mi.
Largest Lake: Lake Balaton, Hungary 230 sq. mi.
Seas: Black, Azov,Aegean, Ionian, Adriatic,Mediterranean

Longest River: Yenisei 3650, Ob-irtysh 3362 mi.
Largest Lake: Caspian Sea 143,241 sq. mi., Aral 14,290 sq.mi.
Seas: Okhotsk, East Siberian, Bering, Laptev, Kara, Barents,

SW Asia:
Longest River: Euphrates, Iraq 1700 mi.
Largest Lake: Caspian 143,241 sq. mi., Urmia 1815 sq. mi.
Seas: Arabian, Red

S. Asia:
Longest River: Indus, Pakistan 1800 mi.
Largest Lake: Manchlar, Pakistan 100 sq. mi
Seas: Andaman

SE. Asia:
Longest River: Mekong 2597 mi.
Largest Lake: Tonle Sap 3860 sq. mi.
Seas: S. China, Sulu, Celebes, Java, Philippine

Longest River: Chang or Yangtze 3722mi.
Largest Lake: Dongting, poyang, Quinghai
Seas: Yellow, E. China, S. China

Longest River: Shinano 229mi.
Largest lake: Biwa 260 sq. mi.
Seas: Sea of Japan, East China

Longest River: Nile 4125mi.
Largest Lake: Victoria 26,834 sq. mi.
Seas: Mediterranean, Red

Australia and Oceania
Longest River: Murray-Darling 2330 mi.
Largest Lake: Eyre 3598 sq. mi.
Seas: Timor, Arafura, Coral, Tasman

Artic/Antartic: No Rivers
Largest Lake: Great Bear Lake 12,096 sq.mi.
Artic Seas: Greenland,Beaufort, Chukchi, East Siberian, Laptev, Kara, Barents, Norwegian
Antartic Seas: Weddell, Ross

Section 1: Major Lakes of the World

Athbasca Lake, Canada 3058 sq.mi.
Balkhash Lake, Russia 6680 sq.mi.
Bayal Lake, Russia 12,162 sq.mi.
Chad Lake, Chad 8000 sq.mi.
Ch'lng Hai Lake, China 2300 sq.mi
Lake Erie, Canada 9940 sq.mi
Eyre Lake, Aust. 3700 sq. mi
Gairdner Lake, Aust. 1500 sq. mi
Great Bear Lake, Canada 12,000 sq. mi
Great Salt Lake, US 1700 sq. mi
Great Slave Lake, Canada 11,170 sq. mi
Lake Huron, US/Canada 23,010 sq. mi
Ladozhskoye Lake, Russia 7104 sq. mi
Leopold II Lake, Bel/Congo 1700 sq. mi
Manitoba Lake, Canada 1817 sq. mi
Lake Michigan, US 22,400 sq. mi
Lake Nicaragua, Nicaragua 3060 sq. mi
Nyasa Lake, Tan/Mozambiqe 10900 sq. mi
Onezhskoye Lake, 3822 sq. mi
Lake Ontario, US/Can 7540 sq. mi
Rudolf Lake, Kenya/Ethiopia 3500 sq. mi
Lake Superior, US/Can 31,820 sq. mi
Tanganyika Lake, Tanzania 12355 sq. mi
Lake Titicaca, Bolivia/Peru 3261 sq. mi
Torrens Lake, Aust 2400 sq. mi
Vanern Lake, Sweden 2150 sq. mi
Van Golu Lake, Turkey 1450 sq. mi
Victoria Lake, Tanzania 26828 sq. mi
Winnipeg Lake, Canada 9094 sq. mi
Winnipegosis Lake, Canada 2086 sq. mi

Oceans of the World

Artic Ocean 5,541,000 sq. mi
Atlantic Ocean 31,529,000 sq. mi
Indian Ocean 28,357,000 sq. mi
Pacific Ocean 63,985,000 sq. mi

Major Bays or Gulfs of the World

Hudson Bay, Canada 472,000 sq.mi
Gulf of Mexico, N. America 700,000 sq. mi

Major Seas of the World

Aral'skoye Sea, Russia 26525 sq. mi
Baltic Sea, Europe 158,000 sq. mi
Bering Sea, Pacific Ocean 878,000 sq. mi
Black Sea, Euro/Asia 168,500 sq. mi
Caribbean Sea, Central America 750,000 sq. mi
Caspian Sea, Russia 152,123 sq. mi
East China Sea, Pacific Ocean 480,000 sq. mi
Japan Sea, Asia 405,000 sq. mi
Mediterranean Sea, Europe/No. Africa 1,145,000 sq. mi
North Sea, Atlantic Ocean 221,000 sq. mi
Okhotsk Sea, Pacific Ocean 582,000 sq. mi
Red Sea, Asia/Africa 178,000 sq. mi
Yellow Sea, China 480,000 sq. mi

Major Rivers of the World

Albany River, No. America 610 mi.
Aldan River, Asia 1392 mi.
Amazon River, So. America 3900 mi.
Amu Dar'ya River, Asia 1629 mi.
Amur River, Asia 2802 mi.
Araguaia River, So. America1630 mi.
Arkansas River, No. America 1450 mi.
Athbasca River,No. America 765 mi.
Back River, No. America 605 mi.
Brahmaputra River, Asia 1800 mi.
Branco River, So. America 580 mi.
Brazos River, No. America 870 mi.
Canadian River, No. America 906 mi.
Churchill River, No. America 1000 mi.
Colorado River, No. America 1450 mi.
Columbia River, No. America 1214 mi.
Congo River, Africa 2900 mi.
Cumberland River, No. America 687 mi.
Danube River, Europe 1770 mi.
Darling River, Aust. 1750 mi.
Dnepr River, Europe 1420 mi.
Dnestr River, Europe 876 mi.
Don River, Europe 1224 mi.
Donets River, Europe 735 mi.
Elbe River, Europe 720 mi.
Euphrates River, Asia 1675 mi.
Fraser River, No. America 850 mi.
Gambia River, Africa 680 mi.
Ganges River, Asia 1550 mi.
Gila River, No. America 630 mi.
Godavari River, Asia 930 mi.
Hsi Chiang River, Asia 1590 mi.
Hwang Ho River, Asia 2903 mi.
Indus River, Asia 1980 mi.
Irrawaddy River, Asia 1425 mi.
Japura River, So. America 1400 mi.
Kama River, Europe 1261 mi.
Kolyma River, 1615 mi.
Lena River, Asia 2633 mi.
Loire, Europe 625 mi.
Mackenzie River, No. America 2635 mi.
Madeira River, So. America 2060 mi.
Magdalena River, So. America 950 mi.
Maranon River, So. America 1000 mi.
Mekong River, Asia 2600 mi.
Meuse River, Europe 575 mi.
Mississippi River, No. America 2348 mi.
Missouri/Red Rock River, No. America 2683 mi.
Negro River, So. America 1305 mi.
Nelson River, No. America 1600 mi.
Neman River, Europe 582 mi.
Niger River, Africa 2590 mi.
Nile River, Africa 4132 mi.
N. Dvina-Sukhona River, Europe 814 mi.
Obitsu-Irtysh River, Asia 3461 mi.
Oder River, Europe 565 mi.
Ohio-Allegheny River, No. America 1306 mi.
Oka River, Europe 920 mi.
Orange River, Africa 1155 mi.
Orinoco River, So. America 1800 mi.
Ottawa River, No. America 696 mi.
Parana River So. America 2450 mi.
Parnaiba River, So. America 850 mi.
Peace River, No. America 1195 mi.
Pechora River, Europe 1118 mi.
Pilcomayo River, So. America 1550 mi.
Plata-Paraguay River, So. America 2300 mi.
Purus River, So. America 1900 mi.
Red River, No. America 1018 mi.
Rhein River, Europe 820 mi.
Rhone River, Europe 500 mi.
Rio Grande, No. America 1885 mi.
Roosevelt River So. America 950 mi.
St. Lawrence River, No. America 1900 mi.
Salado River, So. America 870 mi.
Salween River, Asia 1730 mi.
Sao Franciso River, So. America 1800 mi.
Saskatchewan River, No. America 1205 mi.
Sava River, Europe 585 mi.
Senegal River, Asia 1000 mi.
Snake River, No. America 1038 mi.
Sung Hua River, Asia 1140 mi.
Syr Darya River, Asia 1653 mi.
Tajo River, Asia 625 mi.
Tennessee River, No. America 862 mi.
Tigris River, Asia 1150 mi.
Tisza River, Europe 607 mi.
Tobol River, Asia 1093 mi.
Tocantins River, So. America 1640 mi.
Ucayali River, So. America 1220 mi.
Ural River, Europe 1522 mi.
Uruguay River, So. America 1025 mi.
Yerkhnyaya Tunguska River, Asia 1549 mi.
Vilyuy River, Asia 1513 mi.
Volga River, Europe 2293 mi.
White River, No. America 690 mi.
Wisla River, Europe 630 mi.
Xingu River, So. America 120 mi.
Yagtze Kiang River, Asia 3430 mi.
Yellowstone River, No. America 671 mi.
Yenisey River, Asia 2566 mi.
Yukon River, No. America 1800 mi.
Zambezi River, Africa 1650 mi.

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